Yesterday I met Kasper Houmøller Mortensen who plays drums, triggers samples and composes music when not studying at Roskilde University.

He showed me his custom build drumkit and we had a long discussion about the how he approaches his musical activities and from a technical, ergonomical and compositional point of view. I recorded some video (no subtitled yet…)


I showed him a few early stage prototypes of mine which spurred a lot of conversations around the possibilities of controlling instruments, effects or program interfaces with facial gestures or eyetracking. You can see two videos of him trying out the Eytracker as a “Notegenerator” and as a “Volume Mixer” out below:



I still have to reflect on the conversations and the distill which insights to take with me to the upcomming design process, but hopefully this will not be the only time we to meet during the course of this project.