Since my final presentation of Eye Composer at CIID in December I have been working on other projects and not had time to develop Eye Conductor any further.

But yesterday I visited Maglemosen, a school in Denmark for youth with a wide variety of physical limitations, and had a talk with some staff members about the possibility of getting Eye Conductor out to their students. We talked about different eye trackers and operating systems as well as the issues that arise with installing new software on these types of computers.

During that talk I also discovered the “Head Mouse”, that translates natural movements of a user’s head into movements of the computer mouse pointer. It proved to be very accurate and is often a cheaper alternative to the eye trackers on the market.

This made me realise that I ought to build a system that works across all platforms and sensor inputs with as little hassle as possible. Whether users use eye trackers or head trackers – my system should support them!

My plan is therefore to rewrite all the code in JavaScript and release a browser based version of Eye Composer (or whatever it will be called then) at some point in 2016. Stay tuned, and please contact me if you are interested in hearing more about the project!