Sum of Us

Emotionally aware architecture – Project for Space10


The installation Sum of Us is shaped like a giant cloud suspended in a matrix. Visitors can walk into this emotionally-aware pavilion, where cameras and sensors track each facial expression and use deep learning algorithms to analyse them and respond with a personalised audio-visual experience, based on how each visitor feels. All of the read emotions are gathered and stored visually in the infinite cloud, exhibiting the art fair’s accumulated ‘emotional state’ for guests at all times.

Sum of Us is created by architect Sean Lyon, interaction designer Andreas Refsgaard, lighting engineer Bo Thorning, sound designer Lasse Munk and SPACE10 in collaboration with CHART. The installation artistically and playfully interprets the current state of technology, touching upon everything from open-source design, cloud computing to machine learning, computer vision and affective computing.

My role

My role in this project involved ideation, prototyping, programming and initial sound design.

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