Start A Sentence

and the rest of the world will finish it


Anders Schaumann and Morten Bang Jørgensen and I built an interactive poetry installation based on Google Suggest and Microsoft Kinect as part of the course “Digital Creative Practice” at IT-University of Copenhagen in 2013.

In brief, our installation, named “Start a sentence” took short speech-inputs from users and ran them through Google’s Suggest API. Up to ten sentences, based on the speech-input were projected onto a big canvas in a new visual form that enabled users to erase and rearrange the sentences to create poems or other kind of texts by using their hands as controllers via a Microsoft Kinect sensor.

The installation was coded so that all text appearing in the installation was the result of interaction between users and Google Suggest. No text was written beforehand, which made the writing of poems an activity more or less without an author per se.

Code and more info available at the Start A Sentence project website here.

Read my academic essay about the installation here.

My role

My role in this project involved ideation, visual design and programming.

I was new to programming before this project, but with help from Ole Kristensen I did most of the coding for the installation and fell in love with Processing. I still am :).