Kinect Music

Alternative musical interface

Project Description

In collaboration with electronic musician Keld Dam Schmidt I am exploring the possibilities for controlling parameters in musical software with physical interaction using sensors such as Kinect or Leap Motion. We produce different prototypes and test them at festivals on real audiences. Last exhibition was at TrailerParkFestival I/O 2015.

Keld Dam Schmidt has the lead in sound design whereas I do all of the programming.

Technical Setup

Sensor Kinect

Music Software Ableton Live

Visualization Processing

Protoype 3

Venue: Trailerpark I/O @ Copenhagen Skatehall Date: August 31th 2015

Danish Television made a small feature about our installation at Trailerpark I/O.

Protoype 2

Venue: STAAHEJ  @ Kedelhallen, Copenhagen Date: November 15th 2014


Installation in hallway between two concert studios that responds to people walking by. The Kinect tracks the closest point and reacts to changes in X- and Y-Values thereby producing different notes. The visuals are a real-time visualization of each note produced.

Protoype 1

Venue: Think Space @ Domus Vista, Copenhagen Date: September 19th 2014


Piano sounds are produced and controlled by users physical interaction. Each hands X- and Y-position control a parameter inside Ableton Live.



Interaction Design


Ableton Live




Digital Aesthetics