Installation for New York Design Week by Circus Family


WantedDesign & NYCxDesign invited Circus Family to create a custom-built interactive light installation for the official NYCxDESIGN opening ceremony. In the artistic community of Industry City (a 6 million square-foot 21st century innovation and manufacturing district situated on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn), the Circus Family team built an interactive LED installation, called “Day&Night”, exclusively designed to fit the exhibition space.


How does it work?

The positions of the audience is tracked using depth cameras, and is converted into positions in a grid. This grid acts as a musical sequencer where notes and lights are synced and triggered according to the position and number of audience. Additionally the inner tubes have built in vibration sensors, that react with light animations and sound when hit by the audience.


Technical Setup

48 custom made LED tubes, four Kinect depth cameras, 24 vibration sensors, three laptops running custom Processing scripts that trigger our hardware via Resolume Arena. All sounds are made in Ableton live using costume made Max4Live patches.


My role

I did all programming and sound design for this project.