In all of January┬áI will make a small post with an image, a gif or a movie of something I coded in Processing, P5.js or openFrameworks. Stay tuned….

January 1st: Hand-drawn code

January 2nd: Strange lines

Strange Lines Processing

January 3rd: Painting with sound

January 4th: Painting with sound – grid layout

January 5th: Painting with sound – rotation

January 6th: Hexagon Layout – Scale + Rotation – rotation

January 7th: Synth with keyboard built in Javascript

January 8th: Audio Reactive 3D graphics

January 9th: p5js step sequencer

January 10th: Audio reactive 3D grid

January 11th: Box2d forces

January 12th: HYPE Canvas Texture

January 13th: HYPE Canvas Texture II

January 14th: Open Frameworks Particle System

OF Particle System GIF

January 15th: Open Frameworks Particle System II

OF Particle Oscillator GIF copy

January 16th: OpenFrameworks Distorted Image

January 17th: OpenFrameworks Distorted Image II

January 18th: Radial Slit Scanner

January 19th: OpenFrameworks Audio Reactive Particles

January 20th: OpenFrameworks Audio Reactive Particles II

January 21th: Shaking 3D Triangles

January 22th: Shader distortion

January 23th: Shader grid of lines with perlin noise

January 24th: Vertex deformation with shaders

January 25th: Processing to Arena via Syphon (messy + no sound)

January 26th: Hexagon Grid

January 27th: Interactive Star

January 28th: Interactive Star Reacting to Audio

January 29th: Machine Learning: Finger Piano w. Leap & Wekinator

January 30th: Faceshooter JavaScript game


Click the image to try the game. Press X to shoot