Website and Facebook page

The project now has a Facebook page and a website (still under construction).

Playing notes without an eye tracker

Are you sleeping (Brother John) played without an eye tracking device, using only face tracking.

Head position as alternative to eye tracking

For users who do not own an eye tracking device, but have good control over their head movements.

Live Demo at Maker Faire Rome Opening Conference

Live demo of Eye Conductor on stage at Maker Faire.

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User testing with Kasper

Kasper drumming and adding delay with his mouth on his personal computer.

Kasper training a regression model and playing silly music.

Kasper controlling a filter in Ableton with a costume gesture.

Kasper making a simple beat by blinking.

Kasper training a regression model and controlling height and width of a rectangle.

Kasper training his own classes of facial expression (no sound).

faceDTW – Dynamic Time Warping with facial points

ofxGrt + ofxConvnet test – Classifying handgestures from a webcam feed

ofxGrt + ofxFaceTracker2 updated

ofxGrt (Gesture Recognition Toolkit)

Training facial expressions and doing real time classification within the same openFrameworks project using ofxFacetracker2 and ofxGrt. Not running Wekinator or any other programs on the side.