In this post I will upload small explorations, demos and prototypes that I am doing in relation to my work with Eye Conductor.

Facetracker -> Wekinator -> Ableton

Small dubstep experiment. The ableton composition is taken from Chapter 9 in the book Interactive Composition

Are your sleeping (Brother John)

I revisited my old prototype and played a little melody.

Facetracking cursor control

A few test of controlling a cursor or object only using face orientation

Blinking to a beat

I redid my radial layout from Processing in OpenFrameworks and celebrated by blinking along to an old song by Danish Band Mew, thereby triggering a snare and a bass drum sound.

Gesture recognition in ofxDLib using Wekinator

Since ofxDLib seems to be an interesting alternative to ofxFaceTracker I am exploring how to get its values sent to Wekinator. In the video below I trained five static expressions (1: neutral, 2: Happy, 3: Sad, 4: Look left, 5: Look right) by sending 148 raw positional floats from the DLIb face tracking to Wekinator. Wekinator is running a Support Vector Machine algorithm.

Comparing Face Trackers

Video showing a side by side comparison between ofxFaceTracker (on the right) and face tracking with ofxDLib (on the left). dLib seems a bit more stable and supports multiple tracked faces, so I should look more into it.

Gaze Controlled Painting

As a exploration of what other possibilities for human computer interaction I could potentially explore in the future using eye and/or face tracking I made a small demo of a painting tool entirely controlled by a persons gaze. The video shows my friend John testing it out for the first time.

Blink Beatbox

First steps towards a blink controlled rhythmical prototype. As mentioned in an earlier blogpost playing accurate rhythms with eye movements is extremely difficult, but perhaps blinking could provide a solution to this issue?

Dynamic Time Warping w. Eye Gaze version 2

Dynamic time warping gesture classifier in Wekinator that recieves gaze values from an Eye Tracker and is trained to distinguish between four different sequences of movement over time.


Dynamic Time Warping w. Eye Gaze 1

Crude Blink Detection

I’ve been having issues with finding and running any good blink detection examples (the example that comes with ofxFaceTracker seems to be broken), so made one myself. It is very simple but works pretty decently. I hope I get to build upon it at some later stage.