I have been sick with a cold the last couple of days, but did manage to get some work done.

Some technical preparations 

I have decided to start use MAX/MSP as the main programming language for producing and handling sounds in my project. Having little prior experience with MAX I have started doing some basic tutorials to get familiar with its graphical patching style

Although there is a lot of work for me before in getting up to speed with MAX I have without much hassle been able to set up basic communication:

  • From MAX to Processing via OSC
  • From Processing to MAX via OSC

I have been trying out FaceOSC (described in this post) and set up communication:

  • From FaceOSC to Processing
  • From FaceOSC to MAX

And finally I tried out The Eye Tribe Eye Tracker and got it it sending data:

  • From The Eye Tribe EyeTracker to Processing
  • From The Eye Tribe EyeTracker to MAX (via Processing and OSC)

Given that I already know how to send sensor data from Arduino to Processing, I feel happy and ready to built my first simple prototypes soon.

User research

I have been sending a lot of emails to organisations for people with physical disabilities, scientists and individuals. I have an interview with a musician with muscular dystrophy next week, and some more interviewees are hopefully coming soon.