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Creative Coding Workshops

Machine Learning & Creative Coding for everybody!


I focus on displaying the creative and expressive opportunities that coding provides and see coding as a tool to achieve interesting artistic goals instead of an objective in itself.

Workshops can have durations ranging from a few hours to several weeks.

Painting with code

This workshop is aimed at people with no or little experience with programming who are interested in learning how code can be used as a creative tool to create complex interactive graphics. By writing simple commands like ‘ellipse’, ‘line’ and ‘triangle’ objects appear on screen instantly and by focusing on repetitions and random and noise functions we teach our students to create beautiful generative artworks with minimal code.

Painting with sound

In this workshop we show how audio can be used to animate graphics. The techniques are useful for people working as VJ’s or into animations, game design, set design as well as interactive art installations.

Painting with data

This workshop is an introduction to creative coding in JavaScript/P5.js with a focus on data driven graphics. We use data from external sources like weather forecasts, public maps and stock prices to control our animations and visualisations.

Creative Machine Learning

Why always code your programs? Can’t you just teach the algorithms how you would like the relationship between inputs and outputs to be? Yes you can – with machine learning!

Instead of relying on explicit sets of rules to determine a system’s behaviour, machine learning models learn by example, by looking for patterns within a set of examples or training data from a designer or performer.

The Creative Machine Learning workshop is a basic introduction to supervised machine learning in a way that is tailored to creatives and people with limited coding experiences. Inputs like images, sounds, webcam feeds and depth sensors are used to control graphics, games, music or Arduino outputs.

Upcoming topics

Stupid chatbots, code&poetry, painting with letters and more. Stay tuned!


All workshops are taught using open source software such as Processing, P5.js, Wekinator and openFrameworks.

Selected Workshops

2018: Interactive Machine Learning, Workshop, Bartlett School of Architecture (UK)

2018: Machine Learning for Interaction Designers, Workshop, Interaction18 IxDA Lyon (FR)

2018: Machine Learning for Creatives, Workshop, Advice

2017: CIID Student Final Projects, Advisor, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

2017: Advance Expertise, 4-week class, Kolding Designskole

2017: Machine Learning in a day, Hyper Island (SE)

2017: Collaborative Machine Learning, Workshop, V2 (NL)

2017: Interactive Machine Learning, Workshop, KIKK Festival (BE)

2017: CIID Industry Project for Mozilla, Advisor, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

2017: Interactivity, Workshop, Den Skandinaviske Designhøjskole

2017: Generative Graphics, Workshop, Post Design Festival

2017: Train Your Own Algorithm, Workshop, Made In Space

2017: Inputs, Outputs & Algorithms, Lecture, Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology

2017: Machine Learning for Interaction Design (IDP Class), Teacher, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

2017: Machine Learning for Interaction Design (Summer School), Teacher, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design

2017: Machine Learning for Artists, Teacher, Resonate Festival Serbia (RS)

2017: Machine Learning for real-time performances, Teacher, The Danish National School of Performing Arts

2016 – 2017: Painting with Code, Sound and Data, Workshop Series, Teacher, Absalon Copenhagen

2016: Interaction Design & Machine Learning for Creatives, Speaker, Digital Campus, Århus & Copenhagen

2016: Machine Learning for Interaction Designers, Workshop, Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design